We are entrepreneurial in our approach and work closely with clients in an immersive way to enable a true understanding of our clients’ business.

This gives us great insight when designing a plan that works now and into the future.

Facilitate Learning

At Wilfield Consulting, facilitating learning is an essential part of our approach. We know that when people grow, organisations grow.

We are committed to longevity. Through creating and facilitating learning experiences , we work with the key people to build resilience and new skills needed to continuously improve the business, stay competitive and to take on new opportunities long after we have left.


At times, for an agreed fixed period of time we embed ourselves in a client’s business to support the leadership team. We have found that this works well to enable a smooth integration of our culture transformation and organisational change work.

Our approach and methodology is always bespoke and client specific

We use a variety of techniques and methods based on our clients’ individual business needs.

Culture Survey

We can conduct an organisational culture survey based on the Denison Culture Model. The survey gives you statistical feedback against a global benchmark and provides a clear picture of what a client business needs to do to achieve higher performance.

Change Management

We are accredited PROSCI change management specialists. We work with our clients to build their leadership capability to embrace and ‘own’ change. We apply our own Wilfield Change Management approach based on our experience and a blend of learning and change methodology.

Organisational Design

When there is a need to work closer with employees to achieve greater understanding, buy in and motivation, we engage frameworks such as the Falletta Model of Organisational Intelligence insight gained from the Smurfit Business School Diploma in Organisational Transformation.