The Challenge

In 2013 Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices & Services business. Part of our remit was the integration of two very different Order Management functions. One function was managed in-house and supported country and customer level customisation, whilst the other function was outsourced in some regions with differing levels of automation across regions.

What we did?

Our strategic plan involved the redesign of the functional organisation, bringing together two distinct cultures and the integration of processes and systems. We defined the vision, purpose and success measures for the newly formed global function. We defined the strategic approach covering training and development, process outsourcing, location strategy and process automation initiatives. Critical to success was keeping all key stakeholders fully informed and engaged on the journey.

What was the outcome?

Implementation of the strategy delivered significant cost savings and enhanced customer service .Process Outsourcing, location strategy and process automation initiatives resulted in significant cost savings. Global reporting and insights enhanced customer service.